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  • License type: Adware
  • Version: 3.4
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  • Date Updated: 2014-01-22
  • Developer: ZeroSpyware 3.4

ZeroSpyware 3.4 Free Download


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ZeroSpyware is the only anti-spyware program that removes all spyware and leaves nothing behind. This 15-day trial version includes all the features of ZeroSpyware. It successfully identifies and removes keyloggers, browser hijackers, adware, trackware, dialers, browser helper objects, and commercial surveillance software. It scans multiple drives and quarantines spyware applications and their components. You can restore quarantined applications or remove them from your system completely. The intuitive user-interface and readily available descriptions help you make informed decisions when removing quarantined spyware. The danger of rendering valid applications unusable thru arbitrary removal is averted. ZeroSpyware actively monitors your system for spyware installations. You will be warned when a spyware application is being installed in your computer and you have the option to scan your PC for other spyware components and even for dormant spyware. Each scan session searches your files, processes, registry and Internet files for all known spyware. You can schedule the scans as regularly as you want, just set it and forget it. You can also choose to exclude certain spyware from future scans.

ZeroSpyware features free round-the-clock technical support, with customer support representatives always available through the built-in Live Chat option. Weekly updates from the SpywareNet database help keep your computer completely spyware-free.

System Requirements:

P-II 200, 600MB HDD, 36MB RAM, 8MB VRAM

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ZeroSpyware_Setup.exe exe 106.93kB 3.4 N/A Windows Download
ywf5b0bbgnupd9axpgku.exe exe 106.93kB N/A Windows Download
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